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ux design

UX is how a person feels while interfacing with the system.

Applications have become more complex as our industry’s technologies & methodologies advance. What used to be a one-way static medium has evolved into a very rich and interactive experience.

Does this application give me value? Is it easy to use ? Is it pleasant to use ? These are the questions that run through your minds of visitors as they interact with our products.

Communication is one of the critical skills of UX. We conduct research, competitive analysis at the beginning as well as usability testing and A/B testing after the project has launched. UX is primarily concerned with how the product feels. If your website or app is difficult to use, users will probably be frustrated and move on to something else. If they have a great experience, they’re more likely to come back and tell their friends how great your app is.

We prioritize & identify the areas that stand to gain the most from UX design, followed with human factors science, psychology, information architecture & User-centered design principles play major roles into a good UX design.

Evaluation of Current System
A/B Testing
Wire framing & Prototyping
Information Architecture

Interface Design

Interface design is about the interaction between the users & application

Interface Design is what, where and how elements work on the apps

Interface design as being all about selecting the right interface elements — like text, buttons, text fields, color coded lists, etc — for the task the user is trying to accomplish and arranging them on the screen in a way that will be readily understood and easily used. The goal is make the user’s interaction as efficient and simple as possible.

GUI Guidelines
UI Patterns
Interaction Design

Mobile Apps

Mobile is on rise, as are mobile apps. Although the web is still relevant, mobile apps are here to stay.

Mobile is still growing, and apps are becoming a big part of our lives, helping us to move through our days. Mobile users have little time, short attention spans, small screens and can be easily distracted. Under this context, we will understand key goals for web and apps. In the world of apps, the primary focus is the completion of a task. Apps are built around tasks, which should be simple in their nature. Extra features should not be hidden behind buttons; navigation should be simple and straight forward, not hidden behind icons.

Do you have any product? or does your company has an application? If yes then you need to be on Mobile.

Mobile app designing requires the understanding of platform design guidelines, experience of implementing different interactions for the user.

Multi OS
User Interaction Guidelines
Hybrid application

Web Design

Your company, startup, product presence online, where users get all the info.

Trends change and now web design is not limited to desktops, every user browse the site on mobile.

Latest technologies like HTML5 and Jquery we deliver innovative and interactive web designs, which are responsive and quickly adaptive for the users.

We design trendy yet informative websites for different goals, enterprises and to support apps. We help companies, startups to put their presence online.

Web Strategy
Responsive Design

Frontend Development

The right type of developmen not only create a good business but also drives the business

Frontend development is crucial, right type of development not only create a ngood appearance but also drives the business.

Your application needs a good frontend development, frontend technology is emerging day by day and we are updated & practice on each and every technology to implement it as per requirement.

Jquery / Javascript

Marketing design

Your marketing/Sales pitch needs to be beautiful and thoughtful.

You have a good marketing plan for your product/services. But is it impactful?

We help to beautify your marketing plan or investors pitch presentations, design informative Info graphics, designing catalogs/flyers and all the print materials required to promote your brand.

Social Media Marketing helps you to reach out to large amount of audience and they need your brands attention, we design those banners, innovative ideas.

Logo Design
Info graphics
Print Design

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