Process we follow

We don’t just design, we make sure it’s usable with our razor sharp process.


Analyze Competitors - Study Target Audience- Solution !

We analyze looking for references & competitors from you domain.

It helps to understand what others are good and how we can beat them by staying ahead to the latest trends.

We study Target Audience.

We analyze the users from the field, what they want and how to build a product for them.

Searching for the Solution.

We understand the business requirements and fit in both business and users into our solutions. And not to forget the developers, we do takecare their feasibility too.


Research - Sketches- Structure

Research on Paper

All the research is brought on boards and papers, Sorted to plan the solutions.

Sketches and Rough Plans

Pen and Paper wireframes are sketched and then discussed with stakeholders & users for Iterations.

High Defined Structure

We create high defined prototypes which are clickable so that we run it thru users to define navigational flow.


Glamour - Highlights - Icons and Illustration

Adding Glamour

We add beauty to the wireframing and design the layout.


Interaction design is the key point on how users need to interact with the application; we highlight those thru design and make sure users are quickly directed to the destiny.

Icons and Illustrations

We handcraft the icon & illustrations for the project to make it look intuitive.

ui support

Interaction with Developers - Testing

Close Interaction with Developers

We work closely with the developers while implementing the right UI and understanding the right interactions

Proper Testing

We follow the Analytic tools embedded with every application to analyze and make continuous improvements to the applications

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